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SCOREme! is the premier and most complete iPhone/iPad game scoring app! SCOREme allows you to throw out that old pencil and paper and score most any game at home or on the go. From cards to dominos, sporting events to golf, if you can think it, SCOREme makes keeping track simple and fun. With features such as user friendly game creation, autosave, game templates, group options, and much more, you will never need to use pencil and paper again!

  • Auto calculates round by round scores.
  • Announces new leader and re-orders players based on new scores.
  • Auto Save Function so you never lose a game.
  • Create and Save Custom Game Templates.
  • Create and Save Custom Groups.
  • Add any number of players, 2-50.
  • In Game Editing, Modify Games
    or Add/Remove Players Anytime.
  • With Templates/Groups, Create
    a New Game in 3 Easy Taps!
  • In Game Calculator for Quick, Accurate
  • History of All Games Played! For future
    use, reference, or bragging.